About Us


MEDCO through the innovative and functional system of Mutual Services has created for you a product that allows treatment both in private clinics in the country and in private clinics and hospitals abroad. Everything for your health and that of your loved ones!


Prevention means the implementation of a series of actions aimed at eliminating or minimizing harmful or, in any case, dangerous situations for humans, animals and objects. In the field of health, prevention refers to all actions aimed at maintaining or improving health.


The word “check up” means “control.” In health jargon, it indicates a series of investigations carried out to assess the health conditions of an individual in the absence of an obvious disease. Therefore, the control aims to identify the risk conditions for the occurrence of diseases and their early recognition.


A self-diagnostic tool for primary prevention. This is the home test. Thanks to this simple tool it is possible to monitor important indicators for our health. Its advantage is simplicity, speed and, above all, absolute privacy, long-term.


Self-sufficiency can be defined as the ability to autonomously perform the main daily actions, such as washing, feeding, dressing, speaking, moving, moving unnecessary objects. Loss of the ability to perform one or more of these actions makes the subject not self-sufficient and this can happen due to an accident or illness.


Major surgeries are classified by complexity but also by the severity of the pathology that makes them necessary (eg heart surgery, organ transplants). Being protected in the event of such an event makes a person’s health better.


STEM Cell Preservation means a safer future for our children. Stem cell harvesting and storage has also become a service in Romania requested by more and more parents eager to ensure their child a long and happy life.


If we were to talk about what man has the most value, we would talk about the most important aspect, namely, health. When we have it and we don’t mind, we usually don’t value it. But as we get sick, we immediately question not only our goals and plans, but all our desires and possibilities. In order not to reach the above hypothesis, however, there is a middle way, namely that of taking strict measures both in terms of prevention and treatment. Medco by promoting Mutual Services comes to meet us with the best plan Integrative Health.