Mutual services promoted by medco are part of the most powerful non-profit system of health and social services in italy! these mutual services due to the medco promoter are now in romania now!
Mutual services represent the largest Private Health Care System in Italy. They are now also available for Romanians! This system provides its members with high quality medical services at low cost. Mutual services act through a cooperative approach and aim to protect the health and quality of life of its members. These services use a research office made up of medical, legal and statistical professionals, so that the proposed healthcare plan is a real response to members’ needs. Thanks to a modern and well-tested management system, members are guaranteed quick access to information and early diagnosis. Unlike insurance services, mutual societies are non-profit organizations. These organizations welcome people of all ages, professions, regardless of their health or medical history. Mutual promoters, more than 3,000 throughout Italy, inform about the health benefits and spread the culture of mutual assistance along with that of prevention. Mutual services in accordance with their mission, collaborate with non-profit organizations by actively participating in supporting charitable activities. The Mutual System / Service is an innovative and functional system in all developed countries in Europe.


Family nucleus consisting of 4 people in which the holder is 50 years old, the annual costs with health insurance are 4,000 euros per year.

With the Mutual Service, the cost for the family nucleus is only 1,500 euros per year, regardless of the number of members (husband / wife children up to 26 years old, unmarried couple and children of each of them, couple without children).

The Single package is 1200 euros per year for a coverage of up to 120,000 euros, or 150 euros per year with a coverage of 150,000 euros. The mutual service also charges a membership fee of 65 euros per year / per core or 65 euros per year / single.


MUTUAL Services vs. INSURANCE Services